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Okay wine lovers, let’s talk about the best way to use up the last drop in your red wine bottle: red wine eggless chocolate mousse!


It’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of chocolate mousse. And look, I know that there is debate around whether something this simple is even mousse at all. The purists will insist that it isn’t but honestly, sometimes it’s okay to take a little shortcut when it tastes this good. If you’d be more comfortable calling it a red wine whipped chocolate treat, you do that but I’m gonna categorize this one as an ‘eggless chocolate mousse’.


These past few weeks, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on my couch. This is largely due to the fact that all the Bachelor Nation shows are my guilty pleasure. That being said, even I’m starting to struggle with 2 hours of Arie’s season of the Bachelor on Monday followed by 2 hours on Tuesday and 2 hours on Thursday of Bachelor Winter Games. It’s probably a good thing that all of these shows are wrapping up soon so I can go back to watching re-runs of The Office.

Is there anything more perfect that indulging in chocolate and wine while watching The Bachelor? Nope! I taste-tested a few varieties of this red wine eggless chocolate mousse so that I could have the perfect version ready to go for a week of watching people try to find on love on reality TV. And also the real Olympics. I’ll never be done watching those.


I don’t usually drink red wine but I’ll make exceptions if it’s the ‘89 Chateau Margaux that my dad bought to celebrate my birthday, or if it’s in chocolate. We haven’t gotten into the birth wine yet so for now i’ll settle for chocolate! If you’ve got a partial bottle that is open or if you are looking for an excuse to open up a new bottle, this is it. I went with a pinot noir but you can swap in your favorite red as long as it isn’t too sweet!


Because this eggless chocolate mousse only has three ingredients, it is super easy to make! Two things you’ll want to think about while making it to ensure a successful mousse:

  • Let the chocolate and wine mixture cool before adding in the whipped cream. If it’s too hot, it will melt the cream and the wonderful, airy whipped cream you just made will fall flat. One of the ways you can cool it down is to transfer it to a bowl that isn’t the metal one you used in the double boiler. Make the whipped cream once the red wine and chocolate mixture is sitting on the counter in the new bowl. That should allow enough time for it to cool.
  • Once you start to fold the heavy cream into the chocolate mixture, start by folding in ¼ of it, then follow with the rest. As you fold, gently form a
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