Hello! Thanks for stopping by Sweet Sundays, my outlet for stories about food, needlepoint and everything in between.

Growing up the daughter of a Canadian chef living abroad, I learned to appreciate good food from a young age. From developing an affinity for artichoke puree and foie de veau as a toddler living in Paris to volunteering my stomach to my mother’s experiments for the burgeoning South African restaurant scene as a teen, I’ve always had an adventurous palate. Unfortunately, I never took the time to learn to cook until later in life. Somewhere between the ramen noodle stage in college and mastering the art of a well-balanced plate in my early twenties, I discovered a love for crafting baked goods.

Food is about so much more than ingredients for me. Food is about bringing people together and sharing memories. Luckily for me, people don’t seem to mind when I show up at their homes with snicker doodle cupcakes and pints of homemade peanut butter heath bar ice cream.

I’ve also always been fascinated with needlepoint. The intricate designs, abundance of threads, and medley of stitches overwhelmed me at first, but with a little help and encouragement from some kind (and patient) souls, I dove headfirst into the wild world of needlepoint.

If I could spend every day stitching my latest needlepoint project or in the kitchen testing out new recipes, I would. Sadly I have a day job to pay the bills so Sundays are saved for kitchen adventures and slow mornings stitching in bed.

Sundays get a bad rap because of their proximity to Monday but I’m a firm believer in making Sundays as sweet as possible.